Ooey, gooey eggplant grilled cheese

eggplant grilled cheese mozarella marinara

I made a ridiculously-amazing dinner the other day and I just have to share it.  I’d already made a batch of eggplant lasagna the day before (just like with the tomatoes, I’m having to cook up eggplant pretty often to keep up with the garden!).  So I had this eggplant lasagna and I was about to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich when I thought “why don’t I stick some of that eggplant in there?”  And so the this eggplant grilled cheese was born.  Guys, it was soooooo delicious.  This particular eggplant harvest was really sweet, so this sandwich had the saltiness of the cheese with the sweetness of the eggplant.  And it was so damn moist!

Leftover-eggplant grilled cheese

  • two slices of bread
  • three slices of mozzarella cheese
  • leftover eggplant!

Coat a frying pan in olive oil and put it on medium heat.  Add the first slice of bread.  And two slices of cheese.


Now add some of that leftover eggplant!

IMG_1512Add the third slice of cheese and the second slice of bread.  And you know, just make a grilled cheese sandwich.  Why am I spelling this out for you like you’re a child?


Damn, that looks good.

eggplant grilled cheese mozarella marinara

Turn leftover eggplant into an amazing grilled cheese for dinner!




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