People have been telling me to start a blog for a few years now.  It’s flattering, but I could never figure out what my blog would be about.  Would it be gardening?  Baking?  The odd home-improvement project?  Rants about pseudoscience or manners?  And how do you write a blog about any of those subjects without seeming obnoxiously impressed with how amazing your life is?  It seemed like my life wasn’t focused enough to start a blog, but the thought of starting one was always simmering in the background.  And then one day a coworker asked me how it was that I had time to do the things I do.  That really took me aback because it hadn’t occurred to me that I do that much more than anyone else!  There are people who are members of clubs or who take ballroom dancing classes at night.  Or who take care of children!  I can’t commit to anything like that!  But when I was asked how I get so much done, my answer came quickly: I live full-time.

Let’s be honest here: I didn’t really know what I meant by that, but as soon as it came out of my mouth it started to make sense. Yes, I work full time.  But there are a lot more than sixty hours in a week!  I could go home and just veg all night, but there is so much I want to do!  If I’m going to get it done I can’t just hit my off switch when I walk through the door at night.

So this blog is going to be about the things I do outside of work.  Mostly baking, gardening, and housekeeping.  But probably some other things will get thrown in from time to time.  Don’t expect perfection because you won’t find it here!  I’m not going to guarantee Instagram-worthy pictures with every post.  I’m not all about staging, so it’s just not going to happen.  My pictures are real-time snapshots of what I’m doing.  Will my toe show up from time to time?  Yep.  Dog under a table?  Hell, yeah.

About me:

Hi, I’m Christine, a 38-year-old single woman and a bioorganic chemistry PhD who works full-time in science policy.  I’m ridiculously close to my mother, think tandem bicycles are hilarious, and haven’t eaten meat in 27 years.  I hadn’t planned to share my name on here, but my mother insists on referring to me by name in the comments, so there you have it.

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