Make a tiered planter in five minutes or less!

It’s been a busy few weeks and I keep forgetting to take pictures during my projects!  So I haven’t been able to post.  I mean, I could have posted but I know you want pictures with your posts!

Last year I made a tiered planter for my strawberries that worked out pretty well.  And Burpee was having a berry sale so I bought some pineberry plants.  I’ve been seeing pineberries on Pinterest and they look pretty delicious.  Basically they’re white strawberries that are supposed to taste like pineapple.  Sign me up, right? Anyway, I remembered to take pictures when I was making my strawberry planters.  So here they are!

First, you need to go out and buy some flower pots.  I bought three sizes of terra cotta azalea pots.  I just liked the height to width ratio better than the regular pots, but hey.  You do you.  You’ll also want to buy a couple of spacer pots.  I bought 6″ flower pots for those.  Don’t skip those spacer pots.  Last year I wanted to be thrifty so I tried using the plastic pots that plants come in at the nursery, but those were crushed immediately from the weight of the terra cotta pots.  And don’t try just using extra dirt to fill the space.  Because no matter how much you think you’ve compressed that dirt, the pots will compress it even more!

IMG_1063So go ahead and put the biggest pot on the ground.

IMG_1064 Now put an upside-down 6″ pot in the middle and fill around the small pot with soil.

IMG_1065Now add your second azalea pot.

IMG_1066Put the second 6″ pot upside down in the middle.

IMG_1067Fill around that sucker with dirt!

IMG_1068Now place your third azalea planter.  Add some rocks to block the drainage hole a little.

IMG_1069And fill ‘er up!


Make a tiered planter out of terra cotta pots.