May 2015

Browned-butter pecan cookies

The house across the street from me recently sold (at such a low asking price that it sold the day the sign went up – aargh!).  Anyway, spotting new neighbors definitely means that it’s time to get baking!  As you may recall from a previous post, there’s a lot of…

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Sweet Bee Magic!

I’m not exactly writing a product review blog here, but every once in a while I have to rave about a product.  Because it’s just that good. I’ve had terrible cystic acne for over twenty years.  Name a prescription or over-the-counter remedy and I’ve probably tried it.  Retin-A, Renova, Differin,…

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Creamy eggplant pasta

My mom came out of the local farm stand with an eggplant just for me!  Okay, maybe I wasn’t that excited at the time.  I was crazy tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.  But I needed dinner anyway so I figured I’d do something with the eggplant. …

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