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Try Savory Cranberry Brie Bites at Your Next Party

savory cranberry brie bites onion rosemary filo dough cups

Today I’m sharing with you one of my very favorite recipes.  I’ve been making some variation of savory cranberry brie bites at my Christmas party for something like fifteen years!  I know we’re not that close to Christmas, but I wanted to share this now in case you need a…

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Five Minute Projects: How to replace a doorbell

how to replace a doorbell chime inside cover

When I replaced my doorbell button earlier this summer, I assumed I was done with all doorbell-related tasks for the remainder of my time in this house.  But guess what?  Not so much.  I took the cover off my doorbell chime when I was painting my hallway and the cleaning…

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Try this crustless quiche for a fantastic make-ahead meal!

crustless quiche spinach mushroom cheddar

The one thing I told myself I’d never do on this blog is weight loss/fitness posts.  Hell, I don’t even allow ads for those kinds of sites!  So anyway, I’m not going to get into the benefits of one diet over another or anything like that.  You do you.  But…

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It’s September and I’m publishing a Christmas gift guide post: gifts for bakers. I’m sure that feels too early for many of you, but here’s the thing: I’m a planner. Plus, I’m a pretty well-established Christmas crazy. When you do Christmas as big as I do, you have to 1)…

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Everyone loves French onion soup, right?  A rich oniony broth, a hunk of broth-soaked bread, and cheese on top?  What’s not to love?  Well, for vegetarians the answer is easy: beef broth.  French onion soup is almost always made with beef broth, so it’s really frustrating when that’s the “vegetarian”…

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Restore rusty cast iron with a little elbow grease (and some actual grease)

rusty cast iron rusted

I have a confession to make: even though this is a blog that includes housekeeping advice, I have recently hired a house cleaner.  I feel like Ali Landry’s character in Legally Blonde: a celebrity fitness instructor who gets liposuction.  But here’s the deal with why I hired the cleaning lady:…

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