Restore rusty cast iron with a little elbow grease (and some actual grease)

rusty cast iron rusted

I have a confession to make: even though this is a blog that includes housekeeping advice, I have recently hired a house cleaner.  I feel like Ali Landry’s character in Legally Blonde: a celebrity fitness instructor who gets liposuction.  But here’s the deal with why I hired the cleaning lady:…

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Essential oil storage with rice

essential oil storage box rice

So I took a little break from the blog again.  Four months is a “little break,” right?  Well, this time I’m pretty sure I have an excellent excuse: I was finishing my PhD!  So now my imaginary readers can call me Dr. Christine.  Along with the new degree comes the…

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Bra storage: my biggest housework foe

Hang your bras from a belt rack and make laundry day less of a chore!

I feel like I never post anything but recipes anymore.  This wasn’t supposed to be a food blog, damnit!  I’ve mentioned before that I’m just terrible at remembering to take pictures at every stage of a recipe; well I’m even worse with crafts and home improvement/housekeeping projects.  So if I…

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