Bra storage: my biggest housework foe

Hang your bras from a belt rack and make laundry day less of a chore!

I feel like I never post anything but recipes anymore.  This wasn’t supposed to be a food blog, damnit!  I’ve mentioned before that I’m just terrible at remembering to take pictures at every stage of a recipe; well I’m even worse with crafts and home improvement/housekeeping projects.  So if I have pictures of food but no pictures of crafts, I guess I’ll be stuck just posting recipes all the time.  But in a rare stroke of luck, I managed to remember to take a couple pictures while changing up my bra storage plan.

I’m sure it seems really dumb that I even think about bra storage, doesn’t it?  From what I gather, most people just throw their bras in a drawer.  Like they do with panties and socks.  But here’s the thing: I freaking hate drawers for clothing storage.  Just throwing everything in the drawer means I have to rifle around for the one pair of black tights I was looking for, but I’m not crazy about the alternatives.  For tights, panties, and socks, I’ve been using this honeycomb organizer and that works for me.  But for bras I haven’t previously found something that doesn’t disappoint me.  I’ve tried a variation of this DIY bra hanger, but I found that my bras flopped around in an unpleasant manner.  For the past couple years, I’ve been neatly lining my bras up in a drawer but again, it hasn’t been ideal.  I’d love to say that when putting up laundry I always have the patience to neatly line my bras up in that drawer.  I’d also love to be able to say that I never just throw all of my clean bras on top of my printer in my armoire, rendering said printer inaccessible.

I spent pretty much all of December getting ready for a party which meant that I neglected my laundry duties.  So yesterday I woke up and did ALL THE LAUNDRY.  I have no idea how many loads I did, but I feel like I had to wash about 3/4 of my wardrobe.  And then put it up.  During a particularly I-don’t-wanna moment, I decided that I was not going to put my bras in a drawer anymore.  I just didn’t want to.  So I hung up a belt/tie rack and now I can hang my bras from that.

I feel like it’s pretty normal to have a gap somewhere in your closet where you keep unused hangers, right?

When I moved into my house, my closet had just one clothes rod and said rod was hung on that 2×4 you see on the wall.  Obviously that wasn’t going to work out!  When I installed the other rods, I thought I was going to get around to taking out the ugly 2×4 but it’s just never been a priority.  Maybe I’ll paint it?  Anyway, today I was glad that the 2×4 was still there because I didn’t need to look for a stud or drywall anchor when hanging this tie rack.

And then I hung up my bras.

bra storage bras hanging on tie/belt rack

I can’t believe I’m putting a picture of my basic-ass bras on the internet. Good-bye, any chance I had at romance.

I thought about just hanging up cute bras, but this blog is about reality.  And reality includes a lot of lightly-lined beige tshirt bras.  And do you see that shiny white monstrosity?  That’s an Enell sports bra.  I’ll be honest here: they are ugly as hell.  But damn if they don’t hold your girls still when you run.








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