Baking soda + peroxide for cleaning ceramic cooktops

A few weeks ago I started to make some potato soup and when I sat down to wait for it to boil, I fell asleep.  Not great.  The pot boiled over and burned a ring of starch onto my cooktop for some time before the acrid smell woke me up.  Since it’s been Christmas time I’ve been way too busy baking aIMG_0652nd prepping for the holiday to get around to thoroughly cleaning off that ring.

I’ve been seeing a lot of cooktop cleaning tips using baking soda on Pinterest lately, so I thought I’d give one a try.  In the past I’ve tried this one, and I wasn’t terribly impressed.  Tonight, I tried this one.  Basically, you cover the cooktop with baking soda and then pour on hydrogen peroxide to make a paste.  And then scrub.

This method worked to an extent, but not enough to wow me.  After 22 minutes of pretty heavy scrubbing, I can definitely see progress but not enough for me to get exclamation point happy.  I’m pretty sure scrubbing this hard with any cleaner would have gotten me this far.  And my hand is pretty cramped up!  I do feel like this did a decent job of shining up the surrounding areas, so once I get the ring off I’ll consider using baking soda and peroxide for regular cleanings in the future, since this is definitely less expensive than the squeeze bottles of ceramic cooktop cleaner.

I’ll be going to get one of those razor blade scrapers at the hardware store tomorrow for sure.  IMG_0654



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