Rendering Beeswax

As I posted last week, I recently had my first honey harvest.  I spent a couple hours each night of the week bottling the honey, so by the weekend that part of the project was done.  But I still had the crushed beeswax to deal with.  I’m sure a lot…

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Honey Harvest!

I’ve been incredibly lax with my beekeeping this spring.  I can blame the weather (we seriously had rain every Saturday and Sunday in April and May), but I also don’t care that much about honey.  And when you don’t care about honey, bees are incredibly easy to keep.  Most of…

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Garden Progress Report

A lot has been going on in my little fifth-acre lot this spring and I know I have at least one friend who’s been asking for garden pictures.  So here they are! First, I wanted to put up an old picture I took at the beginning of the season.  I…

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Sweet and spicy pickled banana peppers

A sweet pepper-pickling recipe

Since my sweet banana peppers turned out to be mislabeled hot banana peppers, they haven’t been picked as much as I had hoped.  Usually my peppers just get eaten straight off the plant by my mother when she comes by to visit, but she doesn’t do that when they’re this…

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Goodbye, Summer Garden!

Yesterday my mom came over and we took down a lot of the summer garden.  A lot of plants still looked healthy, but they just aren’t going to produce any more fruit for the rest of the year.  And some plants look like crap but they clearly are still going…

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Attack of the squash vine borers!

I’m not happy at all about this post.  After a summer that I’ve been pretty proud of, I lost two squash plants to vine borers. In case you don’t know what squash vine borers are, here’s the deal.  There’s a little moth that likes to lay its eggs on squash…

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