August 2015

Ooey, gooey eggplant grilled cheese

eggplant grilled cheese mozarella marinara

I made a ridiculously-amazing dinner the other day and I just have to share it.  I’d already made a batch of eggplant lasagna the day before (just like with the tomatoes, I’m having to cook up eggplant pretty often to keep up with the garden!).  So I had this eggplant…

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Tomato-basil jam

So we’re at the point of the year where I’ve made so many batches of tomato sauce that I’m actively searching for other things to do with all my tomatoes!  I could keep making sauce, but I’m kind of bored with that right now (I type as I’m sitting here…

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Tomato Pie Redux!

You may have noticed a pretty big gap between the tomato pie post and the Big Closet Purge post.  There’s a good reason for that: I was just so disgusted by the tomato pie.  I walked around looking like a disgusted Robert De Niro.  And people kept asking me what…

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Thick and creamy mashed cauliflower

I guess it’s been about a decade since mashed cauliflower started popping up on restaurant menus in my area.  It’s touted as a low-carb mashed potato substitute, but if you’re really looking for mashed potatoes I feel like you’re going to be disappointed.  Sure: it’s a delicious side dish, but…

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