How to Keep Track of Whether You’re Wearing Your Clothes: The Great Closet Purge!!!

Maybe cleaning out your closet isn’t your favorite day of the year, but it’s definitely mine.  I mean, I do it throughout the year, but I have a once-yearly Big Purge that is pretty great.  And pretty strict.

The key to my Big Purge is that I give myself the rule that if I haven’t worn it in the year since the last Big Purge, then it has to go.  How do I keep track?  By turning my hangers around at the end of the process.

Anyway, I’ve been thoroughly looking forward to August 1 for weeks.  In anticipation of the day, I’ve been really lazy about putting up my clean laundry.  That way, the closet isn’t already packed to the gills when I start the process.  Here’s my closet before I started cleaning.


It’s not terrible or anything, but those racks were getting crowded.  And remember, this is without my last two weeks of laundry put up.  Because this was a year after the last purge, my hangers were facing two different directions.

IMG_1501See the hangers that are clearly backwards?  Those are holding clothes that haven’t been worn in a whole year.  So the first step of this process is to take all of those hangers out of the closet.  Next, I also removed clothes that have been worn in a year but that I want to get rid of for some reason (looking dingy, not fitting right, just not that flattering).

IMG_1504Damn.  That’s a lot of clothes!  Next, I go through these clothes to make the final decision.  In previous years, the decision has been pretty darn easy because I got rid of everything.  This year was a little more difficult.  I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight so I needed to try stuff on.  It seemed like a lot of the clothes that I hadn’t worn now fit and the clothes I had worn were giant on me.  So I ended up with a separate stack of “take to the seamstress.”

After going through everything, it’s time to turn around the hangers!


IMG_1503I feel like the change is not that noticeable with a wide shot like this, but I got rid of three of the huge blue Ikea bags full of clothes.  So I assure you, it’s an improvement!

Turning your hangers backward: the key to a successful wardrobe purge.








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