Spicy Citrus Stovetop Simmering Potpourri

This was a much needed lazy day for me. Twenty minutes of cleaning in the morning, a short trip to the lab, some grocery shopping so my parents wouldn’t come home from a trip to find their cupboards empty. Not exactly a taxing Saturday.

But I did at least deodorize my kitchen after cooking a soy dog on the stove. I hate the greasy smell that lingers after you fry food, but I also like the crispiness I get from cooking my veggie dogs in olive oil. The only way I’ve found to take care of that oily smell is a simmering potpourri. The ingredients of my potpourri tend to change, largely based on what fruit is looking a little dried out on my fruit bowl. Or which peels I’ve just removed from a delicious snack.

Today I had oranges, limes, and a pear. All you have to do is slice up your fruit and throw it in a pot. Add some delicious spices and fill the pot with water. And then just simmer all day. The house smells great and I don’t feel so bad about the fruit I didn’t get around to eating! When the pot starts to dry out, just add more water and keep simmering. I’ll use the same pot of potpourri for a week or more.

Spiced Fruit Stovetop Potpourri<\u>
Orange slices and/or peels
Lime slices and/or peels
Kumquats, halved
One diced pear
Ten whole cloves
Ten whole allspice
Two cinnamon sticks

Add all ingredients to a pot. Cover with water and simmer.





A saucepan of simmering citrus peels and spices will fill your home with a delicious aroma.



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