Locker room pajamas!

So this isn’t like my other posts.  You aren’t going to learn how to do anything really, but I just love my locker room pajamas.

When I rave about my locker room pajamas, people tend to ask me what locker room pajamas are.  They’re exactly what they sound like: pajamas that I wear in the locker room.  So why would I rave about locker room pajamas?  Because I’m pretty sure I’ve revolutionized the locker room experience (hyperbole?).  At least for the girls out there who wear tights and leggings.

At my gym, the shower stalls are divided into changing area and actual shower stall by a shower curtain.  There’s a little lip on the floor in between the two areas.  I’m sure the architect thought this was sufficient, but it’s definitely not.  The showerhead directly faces the changing area so water is constantly dripping down the curtain and onto the floor on both sides of the lip.  So the changing area gets almost as wet as the shower stall.  You don’t want to put on tights or leggings when you can’t dry off!  And even if the floor wasn’t wet, you know you hate putting on tights right after you towel off.  You feel like your skin is suddenly made of rubber and all of a sudden you’re three sizes larger than you were before the shower.

So what do you do when you get out of the shower at home?  Do you put on your pantyhose immediately out of the shower?  I’m assuming not.  You put your pajamas back on.  Or maybe a robe.  Just something other than your real clothes.  You dry your hair, brush your teeth, maybe do your makeup.  Then after your skin starts feeling like real skin and not the aforementioned rubber you get around to getting dressed for real.  So why not keep a pair of pajamas at the gym?  I leave the shower stall in my pajamas and do my skin care/hair drying walking around in the pajamas.  Then once I’m really dry I find the driest stall where I can finally put on the real clothes.