5-minute ribbon and wrapping wreath

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and I’m sure some of my loyal readers (Hi, Mom) are hosting for the evening.  As I was getting ready for my annual Festivus party on the 23rd, my doors were bare and that was driving me crazy.  I may have had 18 Christmas trees, but the house isn’t decorated until there are wreaths on the door!

As I was frantically baking my little heart out, I really didn’t want to take a lot of time out to get the wreaths done so I came up with the easiest wreath idea I have ever had.  I just wrapped ribbon around a wreath form and then stuck on some of the curly ribbon that they sell in the gift wrap aisle.  I had initially pictured the “bow” of the wreath as a cluster of those stick-on gift wrap bows, but I couldn’t find a metallic lime option (which I absolutely had to have).  The curly ribbon was a great option though, so I’m happy with it.  Also, I’m sure this would be lovely with a styrofoam wreath form.  I just wanted a little more bulk than the styrofoam wreaths at the store.

If you’re particularly awesome, you’ll probably use bows that you saved from Christmas.  My family has never been the store-bought bow type, so I’m probably never going to have these just sitting around.

If you have silver or gold bows you could wrap the wreath in black ribbon and that would make an amazing New Year’s wreath.


First, pin your ribbon to your wreath form.

5 minute ribbon wreath straw form wrapping paper bowNext, just wrap that ribbon around the wreath form until you’ve covered the entire form.


5 minute ribbon wreath straw form wrapping paper bowUsing another floral pin, secure the end of the ribbon to the form.

5 minute ribbon wreath straw form wrapping paper bowSo at this point I seriously just stuck the sticky parts of my store-bought wrapping decorations to the wreath.  I expected to have to pin these on too, but the adhesive was really quite strong.  As I said before, I don’t have a lot of experience with these self-adhesive bows!

5 minute ribbon wreath straw form wrapping paper bowI feel like that doesn’t look great sitting on the floor, but check out how cute these were on my front doors!

5 minute ribbon wreath straw form wrapping paper bow front porch door decor

Make a wreath in five minutes using gift wrap supplies.