Make-ahead breakfast burritos

Hello again to my (possibly lone) reader(s).  It’s been a really busy time, hence the lack of posts.  Too busy doing stuff to stop and write about it!  And what’s really sad is that I can’t even tell you why it was more busy than usual.  Yes, it’s the beginning of the semester.  But I’m not teaching this year, so I haven’t a clue how that could affect me!

Anyway, I’m not a sit-around-the-house morning person.  When I wake up, I jump out of bed immediately, throw on my gym clothes, hastily pack a change of clothes for after the gym, and run out the door.  So I definitely need a quick grab-and-go breakfast.  But I’m also not interested in pastry for breakfast.  I love a good breakfast burrito, but that takes time.  So a couple weeks ago I made a giant batch of breakfast burritos and froze them.  And they’re working out great!  Mine may appear super boring – they’re just egg and cheese – so feel free to add whatever meat option you like in a breakfast burrito.  I personally would like some salsa in mine, but I made a few with salsa and they turned out too soggy.  Anyway, here’s the process:


First, I scrambled up a dozen eggs.  I’ve never scrambled so many eggs before!

Then I assembled the burritos.  I used half a slice of American cheese and about one egg per burrito.


I rolled these up in paper towels so that the towels could absorb any moisture when I microwave them in the future.


Two of these fit in a quart-size bag.

IMG_1567When I get to work, I just pop these in the microwave.  You’ll have to figure out the right amount of time for your microwave.  At home, I microwave this for 1.5 minutes.  At work, I need to put them in for twice that.


Make ahead breakfast burritos. Freeze breakfast for the month!



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