Stars and Stripes Wreath

Okay.  Maybe this isn’t really a stars and stripes wreath.  I couldn’t find blue ribbon with white stars at the last minute, but I think the polka dot bows work fine, right?

Anyway, I have let another holiday sneak up on me.  It’s July 2 and I’m having a barbecue on the 4th so I need some patriotic decor, stat!  I’m not much of an Americana girl so decorating for this holiday is not high on my list.  But I figured I can at least dress up the front doors for a couple days.

These wreaths were ridiculously easy to make.  I knew I wanted something that reminded me of the triangle banners you see at county fairs, and I knew that I wanted the wreaths to be red and white with blue bows.  As you’ll see, I couldn’t find white burlap (again, this is so last-minute).  I think the natural burlap works though.  Independence Day has always had that country vibe to me (maybe that’s why I don’t decorate?) so the burlap fits.

Step one was just cutting out triangles of burlap.  I cut 33 red triangles and 33 natural triangles for each wreath.  You’ll use half a roll of burlap for each color if you’re making one wreath.


Next, I pinned that triangle to a straw wreath form using two floral pins.  Notice that I have the right angle of my triangle pointing around the wreath.  Doing this with each triangle will give you the zig-zag that makes me think of the fair banners.

IMG_1387It took three triangles of one color to make a “stripe.”

IMG_1388Now just keep going with the natural burlap.  Alternate colors as you go around the wreath, making sure to cover up the floral pins from the last row whenever you start a new row.

IMG_1389And you just keep going to finish the wreath.  It took about 35 minutes to make the first wreath and then 20 minutes for me to make the second.


Now as you can see, I made these wreaths on my bed again.  Please have some self-respect and don’t work with burlap in your bedroom.  It’s 11 PM and I’m having to change the sheets as well as my pajamas because I’m covered in scratchy fibers.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?!!

Cost breakdown per wreath

Half a roll of red burlap – $1.75

Half a roll of natural burlap – $1.75

Straw wreath form – $3.99

Floral pins (I already had a big bag at home so I’m estimating cost here) – $.25

Total: $7.74

Make a stars and stripes burlap wreath. Step-by-step DIY.