Housework buddies!

This post is going to be pretty damn short, but I think it will be helpful to any of my single lady readers.  (Do you exist?  Because as far as I know my sole reader is my mom, and she isn’t single)  Anyway, I get that life is tough when you have a house full of people.  But sometimes I think that people forget that life can be tough when you live alone too!  The few times I’ve lived with someone, I was so naturally clean, guys.  Because when you have a roommate, you don’t want to ruin her day by having her come home to a mess.  But when you live alone there’s a lot of “I could pick that up, but no one’s going to be here tomorrow.  I’ll just get it tomorrow.”  Plus, there’s no one to share chores with.  When I load the dishwasher, no one’s going to unload it for me.  If I’m exhausted from a 14-hour work day, I still have to be the one to take out the trash when I get home.

Anyway, recently I’ve started just telling one of my friends about the chores I plan to do that night.  It sounds silly, but it really helps!  If I say out loud that “I’m doing at least one load of laundry tonight,” I’m going to do that laundry!  And my friend might say, “I really need to clean my kitchen.”  So I’ll text her “bitch, that kitchen better be clean by now!”  Maybe you’ll be nicer to your friends.  You do you.

Obviously this was a ridiculously short post.  For other housekeeping-related ideas, check out these other posts: armoire door storage, 40-bags-in-40-days, my closet purge, and my bra storage method.



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