Crock Pot Tortilla “Breakfast” Casserole

Hey, y’all.  So I feel like I’m still not getting the whole Crock Pot/Slow Cooker thing the way others do.  It seems like an awesome thing to come home and find dinner waiting for you, but I definitely don’t feel like going to the kitchen in the morning.  I’m an…

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Smoky butternut squash risotto

I’m really surprised to find that I haven’t posted a risotto recipe.  It’s kind of my go-to comfort food.  And I distinctly remember making a dish really similar to this a couple month ago because one of my coworkers started drooling at the smell of my leftovers at lunch time. …

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Attack of the squash vine borers!

I’m not happy at all about this post.  After a summer that I’ve been pretty proud of, I lost two squash plants to vine borers. In case you don’t know what squash vine borers are, here’s the deal.  There’s a little moth that likes to lay its eggs on squash…

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