5-Minute Rocky Road Fudge

Guys, it didn’t occur to me that when I started posting recipes that meant I was going to have to post my SECRET recipes.  This is painful, but this time of year I basically prepare for Christmas and those preparations involve my secret Christmas recipes.  This weekend I made some…

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Apple butter pie!

Fruit butters are super-easy to make.  You just puree some fruit, cook it with sugar until it’s the right consistency, and then can it.  Simple, inexpensive gifts.  Right?  Well somehow I made a batch of apple butter that tasted great but looked really bad after I canned it.  Light beige…

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Apple cider jelly

We’re finally having some fall-like weather here in Virginia, so it’s definitely apple picking time!  Some girlfriends and I went up to Carter Mountain Orchard outside of Charlottesville the other day.  I always say I love apple picking, but here’s the thing: unless you’re buying a metric shit-ton of apples,…

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