October 2015

Smoky butternut squash risotto

I’m really surprised to find that I haven’t posted a risotto recipe.  It’s kind of my go-to comfort food.  And I distinctly remember making a dish really similar to this a couple month ago because one of my coworkers started drooling at the smell of my leftovers at lunch time. …

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Make this gluten-free pumpkin bread tonight!

Is there anything that screams FALL!!!! quite like pumpkin bread?  It’s warm, decadent, and oh-so-delicious.  And for some reason we call it bread instead of cake and convince ourselves that we aren’t eating cake. My brother came to town last night and the whole family was supposed to go over…

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Ginger-pecan Brussels sprouts

Like every basic bitch on the east coast, I’m super excited for the fall.  Sweater weather, fire pits, and of course, the return of comfort food.  Because who’s really eating butternut squash or Brussels sprouts in the middle of summer?  Well, maybe I still do that but not with the…

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