Mason jar salads

I feel like this isn’t the most original content I’ll ever come up with, but I’m bored so I figured I’d tell you that mason jar salads are indeed easy.  And they really do keep all week.  And this should be a ridiculously short post!


I tend to make mine on Sunday (or Monday night if I had too much going on on Sunday).  First, you pour some salad dressing into your jar.  As you can see here, my jars are quite large.  And I pour in a lot of salad dressing.  I like Greek yogurt dressings, so I’m all for getting a little extra protein in my salad.  Plus, not all of the dressing will come out easily when you pour it out onto a plate.

Next, you would add your protein.  Meat-eaters could add chunks of whatever meat you like.  I often add small chunks of cheese or boiled eggs here.  But I had neither today so it was time to move on to the vegetables.  Today I had cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices.  I usually add some sliced mushrooms as well, but I forgot.  Looks like I’ll be having mushrooms for dinner some time this week!


Now I know I said I add cheese before the veggies, but that’s only the case if I have chunks of cheese.  With shredded cheese I just plain don’t like it mixed in with the salad dressing.  So I added it after the vegetables.

Now you just need to pack the rest of the jar with lettuce.  Make sure you really pack it because that keeps everything from going bad.


Keep refrigerated until you’re ready to eat and then just pour out onto a plate.  My jars are huge so I end up sharing my salads with a labmate.  I keep a bag of croutons at work to sprinkle on top too.