Curly Deco-Mesh Wreaths DIY

Last week I posted about making burlap rag wreaths for my front doors, so I’m sure you’re thinking “why would you need more Valentine’s wreaths?”  Well, Mother Dearest needs wreaths too!  Her doors are much more exposed than mine are, so I thought I’d give that Deco Mesh stuff a shot.

I have to be honest here: I don’t really like Deco Mesh.  I usually see wreaths made of this stuff and think they look cheap.  I think it’s the bubble construction that gets to me.  Something about it makes my teeth hurt.  Anyway as much as I don’t like it, it really is an ideal material if your wreath is going to get rained on.  Because I didn’t like the fluffy bubble wreath look that everyone likes with this stuff, I wanted to find a different method.

At first I was just going to cut strips out of the mesh and tie those strips to the wreath form.  But once I started that, I saw that the mesh was curling up on me in an interesting way.  So I decided to wire coils of the mesh onto my wreath.  The result is a curly deco=mesh wreath that I really like!




One 12″ wire wreath form

Several colors of DecoMesh – 12″ width

Floral wire


Okay, so the first step here is to cut your mesh into about 8″ lengths.  This is definitely not something that you need to measure.  Since I was using four colors, I only cut five strips at a time of each color.  I think that made it easier to keep track of how much of each color I was using.


Next, take one of those strips and roll it up into a coil.  Pinch the middle of the coil and wrap a piece of floral wire around that pinched spot.


Wire the coil to your wreath form.  Because these coils are going to stick out quite a bit over the edge of your wreath form, I recommend only wiring coils to the middle rungs of your wire wreath form.  This keeps the wreath a little more manageable.


From there, just keep doing the same thing.  Make sure to mix up your colors in a way that you don’t end up with giant blocks of the same color (although maybe that would look cool too).

This process took about an hour for one wreath (or 2 How I Met Your Mother reruns).  I’ll be making another later tonight.  One thing you never think about when you build or buy a house with double doors is that you’re always going to need two wreaths!

It’s also hard to estimate the cost here.  I spent $50 on materials for two wreaths, but I think I only used about half of the Deco Mesh.  Maybe even less than half.  So if I was going to make four wreaths I’d end up spending about the same amount on materials.

Step-by-step how-to making a curly deco mesh wreath.





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